Through the use of TMS  Therapy psychiatrists have a new, effective and acceptable treatment option with few side effects.

The rationale behind Transcranial Magnetic Therapy derives from a set of observations that revealed a lowered level of metabolic activity in the outer region of the brain that connects strongly with the deep lying limbic system – the seat of mood control and emotional activities. Other studies on the brains of people who had become depressed after a stroke showed that the stroke had affected this region – the left side pre-frontal cortex. It is an ideal target for the magnetic pulses from TMS Therapy – easily located by the therapist, close enough to the surface of the brain to respond to the pulses and well connected to the brain centers that figure significantly in the illness.

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Texas First TMS Therapy and Neurotherapy Clinic

Innovative Treatment Approach to Depression Treatment, ADHD and Anxiety

UnTexas First TMS and Neurotherapy Clinic is dedicated to providing highly specialized medical care for their patients who need depression treatment in the Dallas area.  We offer innovative brain- based treatment interventions including Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS Therapy) as an alternative to depression treatment, Neurotherapy as well as heart rate variability training.  In conjunction with The Costello Clinic, we offer complete, wide ranging, and up-to-date treatment options.

Our methods include neurotherapy as a means to effectively help treat patients with ADHD, anxiety, depression, and other clinical issues.  Neurotherapy has been in existence for many decades and is part of a growing body of emerging treatment modalities which we firmly believe will help advance psychiatric care in the coming years.

Professional Team Approach

Texas First TMS and Neurotherapy Clinic is the only outpatient facility in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex area that provides TMS and neurotherapy via a professional team approach, which includes a Board Certified medical doctor, Board Certified nurse practitioners, a licensed therapist, and BCIA (Biofeedback Certification International Alliance) certified neurotherapy technicians.

We work as a team in order to meet our goals of providing the highest quality services.  We always strive to treat the patients under our care with the same degree of respect, compassion, and sensitivity which we would desire if we were receiving services in our clinic.

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  • Direct Self Referral for TMS Therapy in collaboration with The Costello Clinic Outpatient Psychiatric Clinic

  • Physician Referral directly from Psychiatrists or with The Costello Clinic outpatient Psychiatric Clinic for non-psychiatrist physicians

  • Providing FDA approved NeuroStar rTMS treatment to North Texas for Dallas depression treatment.
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